NMS Board of Patrons was established in 2018 and gives valuable support, encouragement and advice using their experience and expertise.

Lord Neuberger - Chairman of Patrons. David was a judge for 21 years, President of the UK Supreme Court from 2012 to 2017 and has links with Westminster School.

Lord Craigmyle - The Craigmyle Charitable Trust. The Trust has supported New Model School Company from the beginning by acquiring the site for Maple Walk School and financing its construction.

The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers The Company provided finance to start Faraday School, where it has recently created an annual Fishmongers' Award for a child of great potential, and is exploring collaborative opportunities in the Arts.

Richard Oldfield - Oldfield Partners. Richard is a shareholder and supporter of NMS. Oldfield Partners, of which he is Chairman, has been a generous provider of bursaries for NMS families in need.

Eric Reynolds - Trinity Buoy Wharf Management. Eric is the visionary behind the regeneration of Trinity Buoy Wharf, which became a focus of creativity and arts in the business world of Docklands. He invited us to open Faraday School at the Wharf.