The Bursary Fund

As well as working hard to keep our fees to the lowest sustainable level, we do also seek to maintain a bursary fund, which is dependent on donations.

The bursary fund primarily provides support for parents whose child is already at the school but are experiencing unexpected financial difficulty, which would otherwise mean their child would have to be withdrawn from the school.

A bursary is not a scholarship, as our schools are non-selective. We are unable to provide bursaries for 100% of the fees; we ask all parents to contribute a portion of the fee, regardless of income, thereby enabling them to have some financial stake in their child's education. Our bursary fund covers the difference between what the parents can afford and the full fees.

We cannot emphasise enough the need for donations to make the fund possible and which can make a huge difference to a child’s horizons.

If you would like to consider making a donation or to discuss this further, please contact the Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Livsey on 020 8965 7374 or email here.