The Friends organisations give vital parental support to our schools.

The Friends are groups of parents, organised by committee, who support the Head Teacher and fundraise to provide extra equipment and experiences for the schools. They are a vital part of each school community and a way for the parents of the schools to invest in their future.

Events organised by the Friends include book week and art week extravaganzas, gardening and painting teams, social events and community participation.
The Friends of Maple Walk is the most established organisation; it has raised significant amounts of money for the school (up to £13,000 in a single night).  It has funded pupil events and donated a wide range of equipment including outdoor toys, a climbing wall and interactive whiteboards.
The Friends of Faraday is our newest committee, having only formed in late 2011. Despite this, it has successfully raised enough to donate a new piano, as well as books and an e-reader for the school library. The Friends continues to grow year-on-year.