Teaching and Learning Committee

The Teaching and Learning Committee is the dynamo at the heart of the NMS project.

We aim to give our children the very best education, based on the transmission of knowledge through subjects.

Although our low fees mean that we may not always compete with the facilities of more expensive independent schools, we are confident that the quality of the curriculum we cover and the education we deliver are amongst the best available. A good curriculum costs no more to teach than a bad one.

Our Teaching and Learning Committee provides the thinking processes behind all teaching and learning at our schools. The quality of a child's education is ultimately determined by what happens in the school day; a good school needs good teachers, and good teachers must have the support they need, in terms of professional development, training and resources.  

Our task of delivering a knowledge-rich education has been helped by the donation by Civitas of classroom sets of books published by them. Titled What Your Year (1/2/3/4/5/6) Child Needs to Know, they are British versions of the subject-based and knowledge-based textbooks pioneered by the Core Knowledge Foundation in the US, set up by ED Hirsch.

The Teaching and Learning Committee will continue to make a passion for knowledge the priority for our teachers.